Miriam Hederman O’Brien Prize 2015

The Miriam Hederman O’Brien prize for 2015 is being awarded by the Foundation for Fiscal Studies to recognise outstanding contributions in the area of Irish fiscal policy. The aim of the prize is to promote the study and discussion of matters relating to fiscal, economic and social policy, and the prize will be awarded to a piece of completed research or analysis in this area.

Details of the prize, entry criteria and submission details are available here. The closing date for submissions is Friday 22nd May.

It is hoped for this year’s prize that submissions will come from a wide range of policy areas.

One reply on “Miriam Hederman O’Brien Prize 2015”

Surely in this progressive era it is illegal to have a prize with the word ‘man’ in the title. It should be renamed the ‘Miriam Hederperson O’Brien Prize 2015’. Also, I note the closing date is the day of the referendum. Most unfortunate. Lots of people will be unable to do their civic duty and vote as directed by the Gardai because they’ll be frantically trying to finish off their essays. I trust the courts will show them leniency because of this.

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