New Director of ESRI

Congratulations to Alan Barrett  –  details here.

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As a matter of urgency (i.e. before May 22), ESRI should carry out and publish some research on whether the ludicrous Twitter/IDA/GRA claim that economic growth will be hindered by a ‘no’ vote on May 22 has any substance or is just scaremongering by the ‘yes’ side.

Congratulations, Alan. Prof Denis would have been delighted with this good news.


Nice one! Earned.

Now, let’s get to the ‘critical reflexive analysis with the assistance of a true and external generalist’ of HOW and WHY you reasonably sharp guys and gals ‘missed IT’. Mindsets, models, ideologies …. the lot.

And publish it.

As noted before, small open societies need to ‘think better’ than the behemots.

Belated congratulations also to Alan. TILDA one of the main innovations in Irish social science research in the last few years and am sure many other interesting projects to come forward in coming years.

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