‘The Financial Crisis in Ireland and Government Revenues’

The Miriam Hederman O’Brien Prize on behalf of the Foundation for Fiscal Studies was awarded to Diarmaid Smyth and Rónán Hickey for this paper.

2 replies on “‘The Financial Crisis in Ireland and Government Revenues’”

A soundly empirical paper; what one expects from the central bank.’ And neatly cleansed of any ‘critical intent’.

Love that “sharp increase in non-tax revenues since the crisis, partly due to measures introduced by the government to assist the financial sector.”

Hibernian Gov. financial accounting is a funny old game; gloriously semantic, regularly paradoxical, and bordering on propagandized spin at times.

If Jimmy the Lifter pilfered a hundred quid from me humble abode amidst the turf reeks … to assist the vulture lifters of course. And somehow, a fiver found its way back onto the reeks … would I call it ‘revenue’?

Or would I call it something else?

And what about the other 95 quid? Spose it’s a future ‘asset’ to be reclaimed in the Fianna Fail/PD sense of the fullness of time.

Nietzsche wept!

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