The latest Eurostat industrial production figures

Available here.

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Interpretation depends on what a decline in energy production means in seasonally adjusted data.

The 0.7% decrease looks like a statistical error – Industrial Production has been effectively ‘flat’ for five years?

Fourteen point two per cent!


Methinks the humble Irish Citizenry deserve two votes this year: one for here and the neolib captured FG Taoiseach Kenny and Industry Minister Bruton who desire US tax systems …

… and one in the US elections as Hibernia has been an effective ‘state’ for some time …

Little wonder Simon Harris, Fine Gael, does not wish to pursue DEBT RELIEF for the humble citizenry … NOT ONE CENT of odious debt relief …

FG record on this issue while in office: NOT ONE CENT OF DEBT RELIEF

Looking on the bright side … it ain’t over yet!

snp500 sales have been flat for the last 5 years. Stagnation so that Euro zone figure is consistent. Check out Snp sales to earnings ratio chart to see how insane equity prices stateside are. Inv banks have been playing around with earnings by cutting salaries but the sales figures don’t lie.

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