50th Anniversary Edition of The Economic and Social Review

The Winter 2019 edition of the Economic and Social Review celebrates the 50th anniversary of the journal with a great mix papers, looking back at topics featured regularly over the journal’s history and coming right up to present day debates in economic and social policy. Hope you all enjoy the examples of past contributions and evidence on continued vibrancy of the journal.

Introduction to the 50th Anniversary Edition of The Economic and Social Review

by Martina Lawless, Managing Editor

Contributing to Macro-Economic Policy in Ireland 

by John FitzGerald

Fifty Years a-Growing: Economic History and Demography in The Economic and Social Review

by Cormac Ó Gráda

The Economic and Social Review at 50: A Review Article on Fiscal Policy Papers

by David Madden

Health in the ESR: Observations and Reflections

by John Cullinan

Ireland’s Gender Wage Gap, Past and Present

by Aedín Doris

From Income Poverty to Multidimensional Quality of Life

by Christopher T. Whelan, Dorothy Watson, Bertrand Maître

Export Structure, FDI and the Rapidity of Ireland’s Recovery from Crisis

by Frank Barry and Adele Bergin

The Euro at 20: Successes, Problems, Progress and Threats

by Karl Whelan

South-North Trade in Ireland: Gravity and Firms from the Good Friday Agreement to Brexit

by Martina Lawless, J. Peter Neary and Zuzanna Studnicka

The Digital Learning Movement: How Should Irish Schools Respond?

by Ann Marcus-Quinn, Tríona Hourigan and Selina McCoy