Shifting tax burden and investment is way forward

My thoughts on budgetary policy in the run up to Budget 2015 are here in today’s Irish Times.

Nevin Institute: Quarterly Reports

The latest reports from the Nevin Institute are available here.

Danger of irrational exuberance on economic recovery

John O’Hagan cautions against irrational exuberance in the lead up to Budget 2015 in today’s Irish Times. Link is here.

The Economic Recovery is Most Visible in the Labour Market

Today’s Irish Times has my two cents on Ireland’s economic recovery here


The Future of Banking in Europe Conference

The Institute of International and European Affairs will host a conference in the Convention Centre Dublin on Monday, 2 December that will feature a series of keynote addresses and panel discussions to consider the rapidly changing banking environment in the context of the proposals for a banking union in Europe. The implications of these developments, including what they mean for the future of the euro, the management of financial crises in the Eurozone and the likely impact on businesses and individual consumers, will also be addressed. Additional details can be found here.