10 Years On – How Ireland has Changed Since the Financial Crisis – Highlights from the Conference

Videos of the keynote speeches by former Central Bank of Ireland governor Patrick Honohan and playwright and author Colin Murphy at last Friday’s conference at NUI Galway to mark the 1oth anniversary of the financial crisis can be found here on the website of the Whitaker Institute. I strongly recommend both. Audio podcasts of the two associated panel discussions will be posted shortly.

Newspapers and the bubble

For those of you who can access it: this is a nuanced account of the role of newspapers during the Irish property bubble by a former student of mine and Roy Foster’s.

Ireland : Lessons from Its Recovery from the Bank-Sovereign Loop

The proceedings of this CBI/CEPR/IMF conference, held in January 2015, are now available here.

Video, Audio and Slides from the Irish Economy Conference

Are here. Many thanks to everyone who attended, and particularly our guest speakers.

Reminder: Irish Economy Conference, Feb 25th

A reminder that the Irish Economy Conference: Learning from Crisis will take place on Feb 25th. Programme details and how to signup are here.