Battle for the Economy Conference

This London event may interest some readers.
This open summit is an opportunity to engage in a public discussion about the economic crisis with leading economists, business people and policy makers. It will be an opportunity to have a serious discussion about the current economic crisis, with the emphasis on public debate rather than wishful thinking. This summit aims to start a conversation that will move us beyond political soundbites or fantasies of imminent economic recovery and help us get to grips with the political and economic battles ahead.
A range of discussions – from ‘Demystifying the crisis’ to ‘Investing in the future: what could be the new engine of growth for the UK?’ – will seek to open up debate about the economy and about what sort of society we want. Speakers willing to put their arguments about the economic crisis to a public audience, and to face questions and comments from that audience, include: Professor Richard Portes, London Business School; Professor Deepak Lal, UCLA; Professor Erik Reinert, author, How Rich Countries Got Rich … and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor; John Hilary, War on Want; Warwick Lightfoot, former special advisor to Chancellors Nigel Lawson, John Major and Norman Lamont; Claire Fox, director, Institute of Ideas; Professor Emre Ozdenoren, London Business School; Dr Eliot Forster, Solace Pharmaceuticals; Professor Frank Furedi, University of Kent; Parminder Bahra, The Times; Dr Tim Young, University of York; Leigh Caldwell, Inon; Jeremy Sice, SAS Design; Vivien Regan, WORLDwrite; Bruno Waterfield, Daily Telegraph; John Stevens, campaigner for Britain to join the Euro; and Paul Mason, author, Financial Meltdown and the End of the Age of Greed.

For a full list of speakers and sessions see here.