Battle for the Economy Conference

This London event may interest some readers.
This open summit is an opportunity to engage in a public discussion about the economic crisis with leading economists, business people and policy makers. It will be an opportunity to have a serious discussion about the current economic crisis, with the emphasis on public debate rather than wishful thinking. This summit aims to start a conversation that will move us beyond political soundbites or fantasies of imminent economic recovery and help us get to grips with the political and economic battles ahead.
A range of discussions – from ‘Demystifying the crisis’ to ‘Investing in the future: what could be the new engine of growth for the UK?’ – will seek to open up debate about the economy and about what sort of society we want. Speakers willing to put their arguments about the economic crisis to a public audience, and to face questions and comments from that audience, include: Professor Richard Portes, London Business School; Professor Deepak Lal, UCLA; Professor Erik Reinert, author, How Rich Countries Got Rich … and Why Poor Countries Stay Poor; John Hilary, War on Want; Warwick Lightfoot, former special advisor to Chancellors Nigel Lawson, John Major and Norman Lamont; Claire Fox, director, Institute of Ideas; Professor Emre Ozdenoren, London Business School; Dr Eliot Forster, Solace Pharmaceuticals; Professor Frank Furedi, University of Kent; Parminder Bahra, The Times; Dr Tim Young, University of York; Leigh Caldwell, Inon; Jeremy Sice, SAS Design; Vivien Regan, WORLDwrite; Bruno Waterfield, Daily Telegraph; John Stevens, campaigner for Britain to join the Euro; and Paul Mason, author, Financial Meltdown and the End of the Age of Greed.

For a full list of speakers and sessions see here.

The Post G20 Public Summit, the Battle for the Economy, is a must-attend event for anybody who is serious about trying to understand the challenges and opportunities of today’s economic situation. Most importantly, the summit will be a space where ideas can be argued for and fought over without constraint. Free speech allowed!

The event is held at Goodenough College, Mecklenburgh Square, London ,WC1N 2AB and is organised by the Institute of Ideas in conjunction with cScape and The Times / Times Online.
Tickets are on sale now – Institute of Ideas ‘Battle’ series tickets tend to sell out very quickly, so please book now to avoid disappointment!

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