CSO on Cross-Border Shopping

I hadn’t seen anyone else on the blog link to this CSO publication from last week on cross-border shopping (based on a special module of the QNHS for 2009:Q2) which was brought to my attention yesterday. The results are interesting and the microdata associated with the module could be used for a nice research project.

Based on a quick read, the survey results suggest that the cross-border shopping issue has been substantially over-hyped by the media. A couple of highlights:

  1. Based on the estimates in the survey, total household expenditure on shopping in Northern Ireland between 2008:Q2 and 2009:Q2 was €435 million. This figure seems low relative to others that have been reported—for example, here.
  2. Outside of the border region, there are only very modest levels of cross-border shopping with average numbers of shopping trips less than or equal to one per year for all other regions. There is almost no cross-border shopping in the Mid-West, South-West and South-East regions.
  3. The average amount spent on alcohol per shopping trip was €32.
  4. Only 9 percent of respondents reported that they had shopped more in the North during the year up to 2009:Q2, while 1 percent reported that they had shopped less.
  5. Seven percent of respondents reported that they intended to shop regularly in the North in the coming twelve months.