Erin Go Blog

Trevor Butterworth writes on the website about blogging in Ireland and highlights the role of this blog in the domestic political and financial discourse: you can read it here.

Update: this article is also picked up by The Daily Dish, Andrew Sullivan’s blog at The Atlantic magazine site.

Profile of this Blog

Stephen Price has written a profile of this blog in the Culture section of today’s Sunday Times. So far as I can tell, this section is not available online – you will have to go the traditional route of buying the paper in order to read it.

There is also an article by John Burns on blogging in Ireland – that is available here.

Update on Site Activity

As of today, this site has received 500,000 visits since it began in December 2008, an average of 3,095 per day.  These visits have involved 1.39 million page views.  In terms of geography, 68 percent are resident in Ireland and 32 percent view the site from the rest of the world.

Reminder: Keep It Civil!

The intended purpose of this blog plus some operational guidelines are available here.

I would ask all those making contributions to maintain a civil tone. While it is sometimes tempting, it distracts from the usefulness of the site if commenters are sidetracked into ‘playing the man, not the ball’  (even if provoked!).  Also, any posts using unparliamentary language will be deleted.

Thanks, Philip.