Innovation Taskforce: Request for Submissions

As suggested by Chris Horn in the comments,  you can make a submission to the Innovation Taskforce via this website.

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This is bizarre, from the linked page.
“we will not be in a position to take account of anonymously received comments and views.”

As I read this, the Taoiseach’s department will ignore any good idea if it is submitted anonymously. Why would you do this? Is this civil service box-ticking gone mad? Why let potential good ideas go to waste?

Correct! The asylum is being run by monkeys! This is what happens when packages come along: the best leave and the rest misrule …….

It also sugggests that the whole exercise is just that: an exercise!
Anythiong to detract from the main problem! Trot out all the usual to distract as much as possible! Expect more of the same!

“we will not be in a position to take account of anonymously received comments and views.”

There are deeper implications here. I and many of my colleagues have numerous ideas for improving the public service agency we work in however none of us are willing to put our name to suggestions and submit it to the Innovation task force for fear of reprisals. Some of our ideas involve radical changes in internal structures and departments and highlighting of areas which are defunct and not productive. To out ones name to such a document would result in a witch hunt as past experiences for 2 of our grou have shown that suggestions submitted to government have been sent back down the line from CEO, to Management.

There should be some other mechanism for submissions e.g. one to one meetings with relevant persons on the task force with the identity protected. Or perhaps an interactive section on a website similar to this one where suggestions can be made.

I would love the opportunity to contribute my ideas however in an environment where top management are enforcing a code of silence for fear of drawing attention to the agency, such a move would mean the end of a career I have worked towards for a long time.


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