How are artists visualizing the financial crisis?

Frieze Magazine weighs in here.

Update: The comments thread contains links to an array of crisis-related imagery.

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Interesting…but the expression “current art theory” is a bit of a waffle.
Contrary to what the author implies many’s the time and oft economics has featured in Art.
As Solzhenitsyn proposed Art carries from one man to another all his lifelong experiences, bringing with them all their colours burdens and flavours. Which I interpret as, art cannot be explained and dissected by theory, instead, it is a gift of sublimation that humans can experience. And as such it is and always has been connected to all the things that make up life, things like death and taxes.

The author clearly knows what he is talking about as an economist. As to the rest, I agree with sf ca writer.

‘The controversial neoliberal theorist Francis Fukuyama recently argued, in the magazine Foreign Affairs, that Marxist theory has been ‘replaced with Postmodernism, multiculturalism, feminism, critical theory and a host of other fragmented intellectual trends that are more cultural than economic in focus’. He went on to suggest that the ideology of the future needs to have ‘two components, political andeconomic’. Lacking an explicit or formalized economic component, current art theory does not fit this bill.

Political and Economic. WOW! AWESOME! Francis Who? End.

@Philip Lane

Now that The Aesthetic Turn is practically mainstream – when may we expect the launch of The Irish Journal of Aesthetic Economics?

Thanks one and all – haven’t laughed as much on one thread since JTO ‘left the bulding’.

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