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  1. First link is to the Quarterly Economic Observer and the second is to the Quarterly Economic Facts. The alternative budgetary approach is outlined in the first link – Quarterly Economic Observer.

  2. fyi

    Philosopher Renata Salecl: ‘Capitalism Is Humanity’s Neurosis’

    Freedom is a good thing, isn’t it? Not always, argues Slovenian philosopher Renata Salecl. The liberty to choose from an unlimited number of career options or coffee brands ultimately becomes a burden. Our modern capitalist society is ruled by a “tyranny of choice.”


  3. fyi

    When good intentions go wrong: Effects of bank deregulation and governance on risk taking
    Manuel Illueca, Lars Norden, Gregory F Udell, 26 June 2013

    Economic liberalisation can go wrong when the objectives and corporate governance of the firms in the deregulated industry are not adequately taken into account. This column presents evidence on the deregulation of the Spanish savings banks, known as ‘cajas’, which led to a dramatic expansion of lending and branching, increase in risk taking, and the final implosion of the whole savings-bank sector in Spain in 2012.

    http://www.voxeu.org/article/when-good-intentions-go-wrong-effects-bank-deregulation-and-governance-risk-taking h/t nakedcapitalism

  4. @NERI

    Luv those economic ‘facts’ …

    … searched everywhere and could not find those ‘savings on the promissory notes’ (sic) ….

    ….hmmm … mustn’t be a ‘fact’ – probably certainly a ‘fiction’.


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