Capital is Back: Wealth-Income Ratios in Rich Countries 1700-2010

This new paper by Piketty and Zucman is fascinating – it is here.

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Weath and worry go hand in hand. To maintain one’s capital ,one must be skillful,bold,vigilant and lucky.

The resurrection of the plutocracy is intimately linked to the state of the financial system in the EU .

I have myself not so much concern about Gene modified food.

But their have been some ugly stories, how Monsanto later tried to bully one time customers into permanent dependency.

And if a majority of people here wants to keep their liberty to not eat them, they should have the ability to live that choice. And the way Monsanto was trying to take that away, is another reason, why the European Union has tangible benefits, sometimes : – )

LOL, I tortured you enough with the Greenhouses : – )

Now for the next question: why doesnt Ireland have much more Wind energy?

You seem to have a much steadier breeze than most others, like Germany and Denmark. Your population density is lower, so it should be possible for find lots of places, where it doesnt hurt the eyes so much.

Finally, getting back to the topic here:

I find Fig. 5 on page 49 of the Piketty paper pretty interesting. All other countries seem to have positive government wealth, but only Italy seems to have negative government wealth AND by far the highest private wealth.

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