SSISI – 2015/2016 Call for Papers & Barrington Medal

The site’s readership might be interested in two announcements by the Statistical & Social Inquiry Society of Ireland:

  1. The first is a general call for papers [PDF] for the Society’s 169th Session, with a deadline of August 7th. Papers are presented to the society and then published in its Journal, which has – if I’m not mistaken – been going since the 1840s, which must make it one of the world’s longest-running social science journals.
  2. The second is the specific call for submissions for the Barrington Medal, which is intended to recognise promising new researchers in the economic and social sciences in Ireland. More details are available here, and the deadline is July 31st.

One reply on “SSISI – 2015/2016 Call for Papers & Barrington Medal”

@Ronan Lyons

Blind Biddy has you on the short list for that medal! If you can figure out the ‘social housing’ equation you will be a shoo-in.

The other promising young researchers on the list have left the EuroZone ….

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