Annual DEW ‘Kenmare’ Conference: save-the-date

The readership of this blog are encouraged to note in their diaries that the Dublin Economics Workshop’s annual policy conference – held during the ‘Great Moderation’ in Kenmare – is taking place in White’s of Wexford this year on Friday 23rd and Saturday 24th of September. Further details, including a provisional programme, will be posted in early August.

On behalf of the organising committee, I am happy to take suggestions for sessions, and speakers, via email: my email takes the form As in previous years, the aim of the conference is to bring together those involved in economic research and analysis – across public, private and higher education sectors – to deliver sessions that provide insights of relevance for those involved in making policy here.

4 replies on “Annual DEW ‘Kenmare’ Conference: save-the-date”

How about a session on why there is a shortage of housing? – I suggest Morgan Kelly and George Lee be invited to address it and (a) explain how an economy built entirely on house-building (their claim for the post-1997 Celtic Tiger period) has a housing shortage just a few years later (b) tell everyone what became of the 350k surplus houses they claimed FF built (c) do they still think Ireland will need to demolish more houses than it builds in the next decade (d) what would be the homelessness rate if their claim that FF never needed to build more than 25k houses per annum had been adhered to?

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