TK Whitaker

Much has been written about TK Whitaker recently, not least the post and links here.  UCD asked me to write an obituary, which is here.

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Even though Lemass/ McEntee had given the go-ahead for TK Whitaker to be identified as the author of ‘Economic Development’ to deflect possible political blowback, it’s striking that until the tenure of Patrick Honohan, as governor of the Central Bank, no senior public official had risked questioning reckless policies in 1977-1982 and the fuelling of property bubble.

It would have been a patriotic duty to do so.

Of course whether it’s in the public or private sectors, keeping the head down and going with the flow, usually pays dividends as black swans are rare.

It is a sad fact that whistleblowers are typically hated by even people who have an ethical bent.

Michael Hennigan

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