Brexit seminar in UCD, Thurs 16 Feb, 9:30-11:00

You might be interested in a talk to be given by Hussein Kassim (UEA) on  ‘Brexit: destination still unknown?’ on Thursday 16 Feb, 9:30-11:00, in UCD Newman G316. Tea and will be coffee available from 9:00.
Information about getting to UCD is here, and information about parking on campus is here. All welcome.image001-2Please RSVP to by 12:00 on Tuesday 14 February. This seminar is jointly organized by UCD School of Politics and International Relations, UCD College of Social Sciences and Law, and UCD Geary Institute for Public Policy.

TK Whitaker

Much has been written about TK Whitaker recently, not least the post and links here.  UCD asked me to write an obituary, which is here.

‘Taking back control’? Britain after Brexit

A fortnight after the British referendum on EU membership, Britain is still in turmoil. Some of the negative lessons are all too clear: don’t try to solve party political problems by invoking existential issues; referendums are volatile and uncertain; if you must have one, get a crack team together first. But, as weary politicians are fond of saying, we are where we are.
So what is likely to happen now?
There are different views about what course of action the referendum requires; but there are also very different views about what it might mean to ‘take back control’, which was the core theme of the campaign.