Blogging, journalism, and other writing on Brexit

I thought I would bring together all my Brexit-related writings in one place, so that I can find them more easily: I will be updating the page regularly.

(If any other academics or journalists want to put together similar web pages I’ll happily link to them below!)

I have listed the pieces in the order they were written, not published.



24 January, 2016

The Davos Lie, Critical Quarterly


11 May, 2016

1916, Critical Quarterly


23 June, 2016: The referendum


26 June 2016

Some thoughts on Brexit, IE; also published in Irish Times


1 July, 2016

Markets and states are complements, IE


5 July, 2016

Danish lessons for the UK, and in particular Northern Ireland?, IE


21 July, 2016

Deserting the Battle for Britain, Project Syndicate.


24 July, 2016

This is no time to go wobbly, EEA edition, IE


7 August, 2016

Brexit: This backlash has been a long time coming, VoxEU


19 August, 2016

Brentry, Critical Quarterly


24 September, 2016

The EU and the border, IE


2 October, 2016: Theresa May’s speech to Tory party conference


4 October, 2016

What should Ireland be looking for?, IE


1 November, 2016

Independent Ireland in comparative perspective, lecture delivered at National Conference on 1916-2016: The Promise and Challenge of National Sovereignty (NUIG). Working paper here, Dublin Review of Books version here.


12 December, 2016

The UK House of Lords on Brexit and Ireland, IE


11 January, 2017

2016, Critical Quarterly


17 January, 2017: Theresa May’s Lancaster House speech


16 February, 2017

Brexit, customs unions and borders, IE. Also published in Irish Times.


19 March, 2017

We have to prepare for the worst, IE.


2 April, 2017

Ireland must assume worst on Brexit and prepare for it, Irish Mail on Sunday.


2 April, 2017

The Week on Sunday, RTE


4 May, 2017

Passions, interests, and hobbits, Critical Quarterly.


8 June, 2017

Interview, Valencia Plaza.


30 July, 2017

Using Ireland, IE. Also published in Irish Mail on Sunday.


14 August, 2017

Brexit a reminder of how EU has benefited Republic, Irish Times.


16 August, 2017: UK paper on Ireland


26 August, 2017

Could Ireland credibly threaten to veto an EU-UK trade deal?, IE


4 September, 2017

Is no deal better than a bad deal (Irish edition)?, IE


21 September, 2017: EU Guiding principles for the dialogue on Ireland/Northern Ireland


7 October, 2017

What could the UK say on the border before getting to the second stage?, IE


7 October, 2017

What if it was the Europeans picking the cherries?, IE


8 November, 2017

Panel on Le Brexit, Journées de l’Economie, Lyon


21 November, 2017

Interview, Neue Zürcher Zeitung.


4 December, 2017: Stage 1 deal struck and then unstruck


6 December, 2017

Britain wakes up to the reality of free trade, Irish Times


8 December, 2017: Stage 1 deal agreed between Commission and UK.


9 December, 2017

Who is fudging? (Answer: not the EU.), IE


15 December, 2017: European Council guidelines for the second phase of negotiations

29 January, 2018: European Council negotiating guidelines regarding the transition

7 February, 2018: EC publishes position paper on “Transitional Arrangements in the Withdrawal Agreement”

19 March, 2018: EC publishes draft Withdrawal Agreement including a draft Northern Ireland protocol

23 March, 2018: European Council negotiating guidelines regarding the future EU-UK relationship

6 July, 2018

Negotiations and trust, IE

31 October, 2018

Une brève histoire du Brexit, IE

Finally, I tweet excessively on the subject, here.