Final Reminer: IEA Deadline Feb 11th

The 32nd Annual Irish Economic Association Conference will be held at the Central Bank of Ireland, New Wapping Street, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1 on Thursday May 10th and Friday May 11th, 2018. Gerard O’Reilly (Central Bank of Ireland) is the local organiser (

The ESR guest lecture will be given by Professor Wendy Carlin (University College London and the CORE project) and the Edgeworth Lecture by Professor Olivier Blanchard (MIT and PIIE).

The Association invites submissions of papers to be considered for the conference programme. Papers may be on any area in Economics, Finance and Econometrics.

The deadline for submitted articles is the 11thof February 2018 and submissions can be made through this site.

4 replies on “Final Reminer: IEA Deadline Feb 11th”

Just to say that, having enjoyed 69 years of great health and being the most active person (both work and pleasure) you ever saw, I now have a serious illness. Its come as a bit of a shock. I had booked a week’s ski holiday in France starting this Sunday, alas now cancelled. So I won’t be posting on for some time. Many people have recovered from this illness and naturally I hope to as well. But that will take some time. Good luck to all my friends AND enemies on the site. I hope we will meet again.


Best of luck John. I like this site because of the occasional intellectual debate i.e. contrasting views well argued. I don’t want it to become a left-wing or right-wing echo chamber. To paraphrase one of the Greek philosophers (Socrates?) the purpose of entering in to argument is to be relieved of ignorance and we should say “thank you” to the person who does this. You may be the only person in Ireland who, at a very early stage, correctly forecast the recovery with supporting facts and figures posted on this site. Your expert filleting of the predictions of that economist of doom from UCD is for me the highlight of the site since it began in 2008.

Best wishes for a full recovery. Of course, illness is a big shock, with many conflicting emotions. But, if anything, you are a fighter, and that will serve you well.
Beir Beannacht.

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