Corporate Taxes and the Taxation of US Multinationals

A piece from the Irish Examiner today on the above is here.  And below are some exhibits of the figures used in the piece.

1. Corporate Tax Revenues in the EU15 since 1965

EU15 CT as a Share of Total Tax and GDP 1965-2018 mono

2. Income Statements of Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon and Microsoft in 2019

GAFAM Income Statements 2019

3. Profit and Tax of Apple Inc. from January 2010 to December 2019

Apple Tax Provisions and Cash Tax Paid 2010 to 2019

4. Stateless Entities in the OECD’s Country-by-Country Statistics, 2016

OECD CbCR data for Stateless 2016 All

5. Profit and Effective Taxes of Companies in Ireland by Jurisdiction of Ultimate Parent, 2016

OECD CbCR data for Ireland 2016 ETRs

July Stimulus

Information on the budgetary package is available from this webpage. Some costings and other details are provided in this short document.

We’ll have to pick up the punch bowl tab – there’s no such thing as a free stimulus

Sean Barrett in the Irish Independent today.

Stimulus package amid pandemic could transform Ireland for the better

Paul Sweeney in The Irish Times here.

NIE 2019

The CSO have published the National Income and Expenditure Accounts for 2019 including modified Gross National Income (GNI*). They can be accessed here. The Q1 2020 Quarterly National Accounts in International Accounts are available at the same link. The International Accounts include an estimate of the modified Current Acount, CA*.

Two information notes were also published: one on the impact on COVID-19 on the Quarterly National Accounts and one on estimates of overseas tourism expenditure across various CSO publications. Again available at the above link.